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About MathsWiki - Solve Maths Online

Maths Wiki Is a platform for maths student, which provides different calculation tools related to mathematics. Students can use these tools freely, to help themselves.

As of now, there are only a few mathematics tools like Derivative, Integral, Matrix calculator. But our team is working hard to get some more new and advanced tools for you to make your study easier.


No, you do not need to have an account for using our website. We Do not store any information. ANd about the pricing, these tools are entirely free to use for your maths problem. There are no hidden charges.
As of now, we provide the following tools for students.
  1. Online Derivative Calculator
  2. Online Integral Calculator
  3. Tools to find Inverse and Determinant of matrix online
  4. Convert from Binary to decimal & decimal to binary
  5. Hexadecimal to Binary and Binary To Hexadecimal conversion tool
  6. Octal to Decimal and Decimal number to octal number conversion
  7. Solve Quadratic and Cubic Eqautions Online Using Tools
These are the tools, that we are providing. We will update more tools soon.
You can use our contact page to contact us and submit the problems in the tools. Or If you have any suggestion about any new tool, then also share with us.

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