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Find Derivative

Enter your equation and find derivative of the equation easily. `frac{dy}{dx} = 4*x^2`

Indefinite Integral

Find Integral Of Your equation Now. Example:- ` \int x^2 \dx `

Definite Integral

Find Definite Integral Of Your equation Now. Example:- ` \int_{a}^{b} f \dx `

Inverse Of Matrix

Now Find the Inverse Of 3x3 Matrix With Ease.

Determinent Of Matrix

Enter Your matrix Of 3x3. And Get Determinent of it.

Convert Binary And Decimal

Convert Decimal into binary and Binary to Decimal easily.

Convert Decimals & Hexadecimals

Convert Decimal into Hexadecimals and vice-versa easily.

Convert Decimals And Octals

Convert Octal and Decimal numbers easily. Decimal to Octal and vice-versa.

Roots Of Cubic Equation

Now Enter Your Cubic Equation. And Get 3 Roots of the eaquation.

Roots Of Quadratic Equation

Now Enter Your Quadratic Equation and Get Roots In one Click.

Minors and Cofactors

Now Find Minors And Cofactors Of Matrix. Just Enter and Get

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